Why You Need Amazon Prime In Your Life

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If you’re a busy mom and you don’t have Amazon Prime in your life, you need to reconsider! Shopping online is a life saver, and as a mom who hates going to the mall, Amazon is my go to place for buying pretty much anything I need as well as what my kids need.

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Okay! Back to the post…

Things We Buy On Amazon

Books are normally the best price on Amazon, and if you don’t mind saving some more and a used book, you can get it even cheaper used. I tend to get books brand new because that’s my preference, but I typically get my books in 2 days tops with Amazon Prime. I mostly get cookbooks, but I’ve also gotten novels, health related books and books for my kids.

Electronics – I’ve gotten so many electronics through Amazon because it’s just easier and the best price. I’ve gotten headphones, phone chargers, iPad cases and even a home security camera system! A big reason why I prefer using Amazon is because of the helpful reviews too, especially for electronics. Enough good reviews on a product will help me determine if it’s a good idea to buy or not.

Supplements – I usually find the best price on supplements on Amazon. The reviews also help me with deciding whether or not I want to buy too. If you’re on the keto diet, paleo diet or just looking for pre-workout powder, you’ll find so many brands on Amazon. Two day shipping also helps too, especially if you want it quick!

How Much Is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is currently $119 a year. It may sound like a hefty price, but you get 2 Day shipping, Amazon Prime video, Prime Photos and Prime Deals at Whole Foods. As a Prime member, you also get access to different exclusive programs only for Prime members such as Prime Pantry, Prime Wardrobe, Dash, and early access to Lightning Deals.

You can also share Amazon Prime with another person in the same household. This is what my husband and I do. We have our own accounts but we share the Prime account.

If you are buying products through Amazon often, having Amazon Prime pretty much pays for itself and you are saving!

What Is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is pretty much like Black Friday on Amazon, usually in mid-July. You’ll find the most deals this day!

Popular Items People Buy On Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Products – Things like The Echo, Fire TV

The Amazon Echo is a great way to see if a voice controlled assistant is for you. It definitely is pretty cool. I have one myself and the kids find ‘Alexa’ fun and ask her lots of questions. It’s almost like a second set of hands. If your kids have a question, tell them to ask ‘Alexa!’

Amazon Basics Products: These are things that are Amazon branded and are usually lower priced compared to other brands.

Things like batteries and tech accessories are usually the best deal price wise.

Toys sold on Amazon are typically lower priced which is a good opportunity to get some Christmas shopping done, or finally get that toy that your child has been eyeing but costs too much.

You can view the Top Rated products by clicking on the link below!

Clothes and shoes – I find that clothes and shoes are also marked down on Prime Day, so it’s a good idea to see what kind of deals are out there to see if you can find something you like!

Electronics – Phone cases, headphones and other tech accessories are also marked down on Prime Day, so you can take advantage of that too, if you need a new case or something for your other electronics.

Are you an Amazon Prime member? What do you buy the most?

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