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  • 8 Pictures To Sum Up The Boy Mom Life

    As a mom of 2 boys, life is never really dull or boring. Unless they’re fast asleep (the best part!), they’re running around, laughing, playing, fighting, screaming at each other, or making a huge mess somewhere in our home. Inspired by this post, I decided to share the pictures that can sum up my life […]

  • Why Self-Care Is So Important For Moms

    As moms we have a tendency to want to do it all. We get so overwhelmed with the things on our plate, we forget about the most important thing – our health and self care. We are all busy moms whether we stay home and take care of the kids and home or we work […]

  • Learning Fun Using The Kidloland App

    My two kids love their iPad. There are so many things they can do on it, and just like adults with their smartphones, you can literally be on it for hours. We limit their time on the iPad only because we’ve found them to get cranky after being on it too long. But, we notice […]

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