Kiwi Crate October 2017 Box – My Body and Me Review

I’ve always loved subscription boxes, and have been looking for one for my kids. I think it’s nice to get something in the mail and they get so excited to find out what’s in the box. So I decided to try out KiwiCo’s Kiwi Crate for my 6 year old.

What Is KiwiCo?

KiwiCo provides monthly boxes with activities based on the age group – they provide education, creativity and fun in each box.

What Was In Our Box?

We started our first subscription last month. Each box has a different theme. This one was called “My Body and Me” and had 3 different activities focusing on the human body.

My oldest loved it because not only did he get to learn something new about the human body, he also enjoyed putting together the different things.

He put together a stethoscope, created an x-ray and created stuffed felt organs. It was so cute!

My Personal Review

I think it’s a great subscription box, and I really like how all the items needed to do the activity is included. I even appreciate when it mentions if an activity is going to be messy before starting it. We save those for when there is more time to do the activity.

I definitely recommend the KiwiCo box. I also got one for my 3 year old called the Koala Crate. The kids get so excited to see what’s in the box!

If you’re interested in trying out the KiwiCo boxes, you can try one here and get $10 off your first box. If you go through my affiliate link I get a credit for future boxes, but either way, it’s totally worth a try!


Note: This post contains affiliate links! This means if you use my link, I will get credit for future boxes, but you also get a $10 credit for your first box!


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We tried out the Kiwi Crate subscription boxes for kids! Check out our review of the October 2017 box, if you're curious about trying it for your kids!


  1. Wow this box is so cool! I love that it’s educational too 🙂 I think when my little one grows up a bit I’ll sign her up for something like this. You’re totally right, it’s fun to get packages in the mail when you’re a kid!

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