How To Keep Your Coffee Warm For Hours + A Coffee Recipe

My daily routine during the week consists of getting up at 5am, working out and having some turmeric tea in the morning, as well as some water while working out. I usually have the water during my workout and the tea after before I have to get ready for working out for the day.

Having 2 kids and having to help them get ready in the morning is a lot of work, as well as getting myself ready for the day. Miraculously, we are able to get out of the door in 30 minutes and go on with the drop offs and work.

Before getting to work, I would stop at Starbucks every day to get some type of caffeine because it does help me get through the day, and it’s a nice treat. But this treat comes at a price, a Starbucks price that definitely adds up. I’m afraid to check how much I spend on Starbucks.

So, I decided that Starbucks would only be a once in a while thing, and I’d bring and make my own coffee. I’m sharing how I make the Coconut Milk Mocha Latte to my liking, and the best part about making your own coffee is that you can perfect it over time.

My Starbucks copycat recipe for the Coconut Milk Mocha Latte

You’ll need:
Swiss miss hot chocolate powder
Coconut milk or coconut milk creamer
Any coffee

Add 6oz (or more, depending on how much you need) coffee in a cup
Heat 1/4 cup of coconut milk creamer and add to the coffee
Add a 1/2 tablespoon of swiss miss hot chocolate powder and mix until dissoved

A concern with making my own coffee was the fact that since we leave so early in the morning, by the time I get to work, my hot beverage is cold and not what I expect. Sure, I could definitely re-heat up my coffee, but I prefer not to have to.

Thankfully I was fortunate to get my hands on a great coffee cup that actually lets me drink warm coffee even if it’s been a couple hours.

It’s called SIC otherwise known as Seriously Ice Cold and it is a steel insulated cup that is perfect for us busy moms! There are different sizes that can be used for all kinds of beverages! I appreciate a warm cup of coffee and cold refreshing water throughout the day. I have to keep myself hydrated, and many of us should be. SIC provides steel water bottles, 12 oz, 20 oz and 30 oz coffee cups and that are really well made and come in 12 powder coated colors! Cold beverages can stay cold for 24+ hours! What I also like is that once you get a SIC cup, you can get a lifetime warranty! Nothing to lose there, I think!

I love how the top is vacuum sealed and has a splash proof lid too which to me is a must. I never thought of using these cups for beer or cocktails but it very well can be used for that, especially if you’re hanging out at the beach! The cup is also designed to fit into most car cup holders!

I believe it’s worth making your own coffee not only to save money but to know what is really in your drink. Having this cup makes me feel a lot better since the coffee stays warm for a few hours. Also, the saving money part is really important because we all know how much buying coffee can quickly add up. I’m sure you can relate – saving money is definitely on all of our lists!

What is your favorite coffee drink that you make yourself? Share your recipe in the comments below!

Also, if you want your own SIC cup, you can get a discount! Go to and get 15% Off using the discount code ihelpmoms

Side Note: I received free SIC Cups to facilitate this review. All opinions and views are completely mine. 🙂


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Find out how to keep your coffee warm for hours and get a Starbucks copycat recipe for the Coconut Milk Mocha Latte!

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