Gift Ideas For Kids That Aren’t Toys

Is your child’s room or playroom filled with so many toys you can’t even walk across the room without stepping on one?

I have two kids and they share a room right now. Their toys are all over the place, and even after donating and getting rid of toys, there is still a lot of toys. So I am done with buying them toys, and I’ve encouraged my family to not give them toys for their birthdays. Instead, I requested money or gift cards to places they can visit.

I call these experiences. In my opinion, experiences are a lot better because the kids get to get out and do something fun that is not normally in their everyday routine. These experiences give them an opportunity to learn something new, have fun in a different environment and of course make fun memories that they can look back on when they grow up. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about a mess at home! Depending where you live, there could be a bunch of these places nearby!

Here are some ideas of experiences you can do with your kids

The Zoo! Have the kids explore and learn about animals at the same time! Some zoos provide fun experience up close and personal with some animals. I think each zoo have their own unique features about them. They also make great pictures to look back on too!

The Science Center. The closest Science Center to us is about 20 minutes away and it includes an Aquarium too! My kids love looking at the fish and also checking out the fun science exhibits. Science museums are also a great way to learn about different aspects of science and get hands on.

Chuck E Cheese’s, where a kid can be a kid! My kids love going here, and they have something new where you can play unlimited games for a set amount of time. It can be a bit pricey, so a gift card helps! Otherwise, they always have coupons on their website, and a rewards program to earn rewards for free pizza, games or tickets.

Local museums are great places to take the kiddos! Especially the ones that are geared towards kids. We love one particular museum where you can learn about trains, farming and how it was like back in the day. There is also another museum where you can visit a post office, a school house, a fire house, a blacksmith and general store. It’s so much fun for the kids to learn what it was like before their time and how people lived.

Local events are another option. Usually kid friendly events are either free or a fee, depending on what the event is. It’s a great way to get outside and do something different.

Indoor playgrounds are all the rage, especially in the summertime, when we just want to avoid the heat! My kids love the indoor playgrounds where they can jump around and slide down. It’s a great way to get some exercise while having a lot of fun!

Water parks are typically pricey, so getting this as a gift is a great idea! Most of the bigger water parks are better for older kids, but there are also water parks great for the younger kids too.

Theme parks are probably the best non-toy gift a kid could get! If my kids got a gift to go to Disney they would be beyond themselves! In my opinion a gift like this would be a great memory for the kids because Disney is the happiest place on Earth, am I right? We visit Disney at least once a year, since we’re only a few hours away. Epcot is one of favorites of the parks!

Have you ever considered asking for experience gifts over toys?


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Wondering what kind of gifts you can get kids that aren't toys? How about gifting them a fun experience? Here are some ideas that kids will love!

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