Decluttering Your Social Media Life Through Digital Minimalism

I learned about digital minimalism from No Sidebar, which is basically – a mindset of questioning which digital communication tools are necessary for your happiness. Whether it be email, social media, or general internet consumption, the purpose of this philosophy is to question whether or not they add value to your life.

The reason digital minimalism is a must for us moms is because it helps with the overwhelm. The comparisons. The fear of not being able to do it all. The bullsh*t. The drama.

When we are constantly looking at our phones, we might be missing on an opportunity to spend more time with our kids – which we all realize grow up so fast! Our kids see this and start to feel that this is normal, and they begin to do the same as us – look at a screen instead of engage in real, meaningful conversations.

Not to say that it is bad for them to be on their iPads or tablets, because it isn’t bad at all… but we all know that too much of something is not good.

There has to be a good balance between the screen time and being out and about seeing and doing things outside the screen.

How can we achieve digital minimalism without being out of touch with what’s going on in social media land?

  1. Change your mindset about using social media. It’s an extension of our lives, not a main part of it. We need to think about that stuff as what it is – social interaction. It’s like when you’re hanging out with friends without having to leave the house, which for us moms is convenient. Think about why you use social media as a whole.
  2. Make some room for in-person interactions. Make plans with a friend, whether it is going to the mall, getting coffee or lunch. Having those in person interactions help you a lot more than liking stuff on Facebook or Instagram. They also mean a lot more too!
  3. Get out and do stuff. Instead of using your smartphone to take photos, you can use a camera. Or just take photos with your phone and refrain from posting right away. We want to try to get away a bit from the digital world and just focus on what is around us. Those experiences are more meaningful and you’ll have better clarity and focus.
  4. Turn off notifications on your phone. When you see those red dots with numbers in it you just have to see what it’s all about. Turn them off so you don’t know about them and find a time to check it later. You can even have a system where you only check email on your computer instead of your phone. You can block time on your calendar to check your social media and give yourself a set time to check during that time and that time only.
  5. Have the apps you need the most only. Could you just have the apps you absolutely need on your phone, and remove Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? If you can check them on your computer, leave it for that.

It may be hard at first, but try it out for at least a day and see if you’re more productive! Eventually, you may be able to use social media at a minimum, which gives you more time to do more things throughout the day!

Would you try out digital minimalism? Or are you already doing some of this already?

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