Back To School Shopping Tips For The New School Year

Are you ready for back to school shopping for the new school year? It’s always an exciting time for the kids as they get new things for the upcoming school year. Of course as busy moms, it can also be a time for trying to find the best deals out there because who doesn’t like to get good deals and save some money?

I’ve compiled the best places to find all the things you will need for the upcoming school year for your kids, plus some tips on how you can put aside some money as the school year goes by.

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Before You Go Shopping

Figure out what you already have and what you can use again. Some clothing can be worn again, granted the kids haven’t grown too much. Have them try on their uniforms a couple weeks before school starts just to make sure they fit okay. If not, then you know that you will have to pick up some new clothing.

Better yet, if your school has a uniform exchange where people will donate clothing in good condition that either don’t fit their kids anymore or never used, that’s another option! Same goes with backpacks, lunchboxes, pencil cases, binders, etc. If they are in good condition and can be used again, great!

Looking for Electronics such as Headphones, Laptops or Printer Ink?

Tax Free Weekends = Savings For All

The best time to buy things for the upcoming school year is during the back to school sales when your state is on a tax-free weekend. Depending on where you live you will have a weekend where you can buy certain items tax-free, which of course, is a savings to you.

Have an outlet mall nearby? Check the back to school deals there and don’t pay for tax! The outlet malls tend to have even deeper discounts since it is anticipated that a lot of people will be shopping during this time – including me! I always find great deals on sneakers for my older son that lasts the entire school year!

Finding The Best Deals on School Uniforms

The best places to find clothing for school in my opinion is Target and Walmart. If you kids have to wear uniforms like mine do, you will find great deals on the required uniform tops and bottoms. It’s easier to find uniform clothing when school is about to go back into session. Shop for uniforms at Target!

Find great deals on school uniforms at Walmart! Shop Low Prices on School Uniforms at for Back to School!

Get Some Of That Money Back Shopping Online and In Stores

Do you have Ebates? Make some of your money back after you shop online! Sign up for free and get a percentage back of what you paid!

DOSH is another cash back app that gives you a percentage back from shopping online and in stores! You need to get the app and connect a debit or credit card to it and you get $5 just for signing up!

Finding The Best Deal On School Supplies

The most popular places to buy school supplies is again, Target and Walmart. I’ve also heard the Dollar Tree is another place as well. It all depends on what you need. Office supply stores also have their sales, but it really depends on what is most convenient to where you live.

Also, did you know Target can send all your school supplies to your door? Just look up your school and grade and all the supplies needed will come up so you can just pay online and either pick up or get delivered to your home! If you are short on time, this is perfect!

Go to Target’s School List Assist and order all your school supplies!

Amazon is also a great place to get school supplies, and if you have Prime, you can get shipping within 2 days!

Savings For School Events and Other School Expenses

We all know that things come up during the school year that we have to pay for, so it’s good to have some money set aside for that! There are some ways to do this that can be fun for the kids too!

If your kids have a weekly allowance, have them learn how to save for an upcoming event they want to attend at school. Or they can do some chores in order to earn to go to the event.

If you don’t give your kids an allowance or just prefer to save for them for these school events, a great rule of thumb is to set aside some money each week or every paycheck for these events. You can set up a savings account just for anything school related. Depending on how many kids you have, the amount will vary.

For example, for me, I have 2 kids in school, and there are a lot of events at the start of the school year. I plan to start off their account with $20 each. Then every time I get paid, I’ll put aside $10 or so. It’s also good to have this amount automatically deducted so you don’t even have to think about it!

Find a free savings bank account. I personally use Capital One because you can create savings accounts for free and set recurring transfers so you don’t even have to think about it!


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