It’s always tough to figure out how to start of a new blog. I believe the best way to start a blog is to introduce yourself and let your readers know what your blog is all about, so here is mine:

My name is Susan and I am not new to the blogging scene. I’ve been doing this since blogs weren’t even called that – but they were more like online journals. Fast forward to today – I am a mom of 2 boys and I work a full time job doing digital marketing at a non-profit. I also freelance managing social media for small businesses and entrepreneurs. In addition to that, I am a blogger. I’ve blogged about many different topics in the past, and now I am blogging here.

This blog is aimed to help busy mamas (I am one too!) feel happier and feel less overwhelmed. There are a lot of ways to do this, whether it is through fitness, health, mindset, organization and even just finding better ways to do things. I decided to share my journey to a better balance on life as a busy mom and hope to help moms like me become happier and find better balance in their lives!