A Great Gift For the Kid Who Loves To Build and Imagine – Build and Imagine Toys

Disclaimer: I received the Build and Imagine toy in exchange for this review. All opinions as always, are mine! Also, this post does contain affiliate links to Amazon. If you click on the link and purchase anything on the site, I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you! 

When it comes to toys, I try to seek out the ones that provide benefits for my children. I enjoy toys for them that allow them to be creative and use their imagination. That’s why when I found out about the Build and Imagine toys, I definitely was intrigued!

Legos are great and I think they’re such a great toy for kids, but Build and Imagine toys bring in more of an idea for the kid playing to already have a scenario to build off from!

Each set includes magnetic blocks that allow the child to create the building, as well as dress up the characters that come with the set, along with other accessories to add onto their own story.

We got the Pet Portrait Studio and my two boys loved looking at all the pieces it came up with. My youngest is particularly interested in dogs right now, so he loved looking at the dogs and their accessories. My oldest enjoyed building out the pet studio and figuring out how he wanted it to look like.

I think the Build and Imagine toys are great as it promotes kids to make each build how they want to and then let them imagine within the scenario given to them.

There are so many different kinds of Build and Imagine sets and you can check them out here!

Which one do you think your child would like the best?


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The Build and Imagine toys promotes kids to build how they want to and then let them imagine within the scenario given to them. Here's our review!

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